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Airline Fruit and Cheese Plate (before & after)

31 Aug

AA food


Crab Cake & Mango Salsa (Couldn’t finish the salsa)

31 Aug

2013-08-27 18.11.03

Positive Body Images in the Media

30 Aug


I don’t know how many of you saw the really negative rants  of the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO on how he didn’t want fat, uncool people wearing his clothes. But this is the BEST response I have seen to it from a beautiful, and smart woman. I thought you might want to see the pictures she sent him. I tell you what, confidence and seeing beauty in yourself is half the battle.

See the story here

Her whole letter is here

Happy Sunday to us all!

VSG Post-Op Soft Foods Halibut & Vegetables in Parchment

29 Aug


Halibut Parchment


8 oz halibut steak
1 carrot, peeled & julienned
1/2 Leek (I know, what will you do with the rest?? I will come up with a diff recipe for it) peeled & julienned
1/2 Red pepper, peeled & julienned
2 sprigs fresh tarragon or 1 tsp dried tarragon
1.5 tsp butter
1 tbsp vermouth (option)

1. Saute vegetables in 1 tsp of butter. Don’t brown them, just soften
2. Place halibut on parchment paper
3. Place sauteed vegetables on top.
4. Cut up the remaining half tbsp of butter into little pats and place them over the fish and vegetables.
5. Sprinkle with vermouth if using, salt and pepper.
6. Seal parchment paper into a bundle as shown in the picture and curl up the edges
7. Put on a cookie sheet and bake in 400 degree for 15 minutes.
8. Let the fish rest for 5 minutes. Make a big deal of opening the packet on the table and inhale in the wonderful aromas.

In my house, this feed two new sleevers and a 90-year old—with leftovers! Probably feeds 2 adult sleevers and a child is my guess.


My little breakfast

28 Aug

2013-08-28 08.36.08

Could everyone stop annoying me? And get rid of all this food!

28 Aug

annoyed dog



So before I get too far, let’s just acknowledge that the problem is me. For whatever reason, I find myself really irritable, even with people I ordinarily love and adore. NOTHING is wrong in reality but man! I’m cranky! Working hard at controlling it. This is not the usual me. It’s not hunger, it could be hormones from the weight loss? I don’t know.

But on the positive side, hey hey! First work-related trip yesterday! I just did fine and today, put in a whole days’s worth of work with no trouble. Dinner with client still to be done, but feeling good. It feels really good to be back to normal.

And very scary. While I was at home, I could control the food we had around us, meal times, shakes, etc. Now, outside in the real world, it has become abundantly clear to me how people eat around their sleeve and gain weight. I still have to make smart choices. Cake still sounds better to me than grilled chicken breast. The bread that arrived with my dinner looked like it would taste just fine rolled around in the oil and butter that accompanied it.

Everywhere I go, there is food I have decided not to eat. I mean, EVERYWHERE. I read all the vets saying how this was just a tool, and that I still had to make the right choices, and each time, I nodded my head and I thought I knew what it meant. Honestly now? I don’t think I understood it until I got on this trip. There is “bad” food everywhere. I always have a choice. And I will almost always have to fight temptation to not eat the bad food.

Now that I am on real food, it’s a much bigger challenge. I am measuring my food out, because if I didn’t, I’m quite sure I could comfortably eat more than 1/4 of a cup of food. I understand that down the road, maybe that’s okay. But this early into soft foods, I shouldn’t take a chance.

So I still have to make smart choices. And I still have the limit quantities. The sleeve won’t do that for me. I will have to do that for the sleeve.

It’s a rude awakening and a much-needed reality check. So although I’m irritable today, I’m also grateful that I learned this lesson, and that I did that without breaking the rules.

I think this is my next big challenge now that I have healed from the surgery. So bring it!

It’s the Little Things

27 Aug

airport food



So I’m traveling today. First trip since sleeved, but the first of many since I typically travel at least 3 times a month.

Of course I struggled to pack my bag and had to sit down twice while getting dressed.  Almost passed out while rushing around. Told myself to “man up” and get going because this is what I have to do. My bag is full of weird things like protein shake powders, protein soup packets, blender bottles, and is light enough that I can pick it up and put it in the overhead. I get to the airport and you know what’s really nice?

Not even having to THINK about “Do I want something to eat?” Sounds like a small thing and perhaps it is, but it’s a big feel-good for me.

I was always very careful about eating junk while traveling but I THOUGHT about it. A lot. I had all these reasons I should get something just in case. In case we were delayed, in case I didn’t have time to grab lunch before meetings, in case, in case. Today I know I need a G-2 for carbs, a bottle of water for my shake on the plane, and that’s it! Oh sweet relief! Thank you sleeve! I love you!

Interestingly I have to take a client out to dinner tonight, and another one tomorrow. And me only 2 days old on soft foods. Should be fun

I’ve lost the equivalent of a two-year old in weight…what have you lost?

27 Aug

I love this link! Was wondering what weighs 25 lbs and 34-36 lbs.  apparently 25 lbs is a two -year old and 36 is a mid-size microwave oven

what have you lost??


This is a Public Service Announcement regarding Weight Loss Stalls and Plateaus

27 Aug





All righty then, time for us to compile our favorite posts about Stalls and Plateaus so we can help all who come here wondering why they are stalled, and for those of us who think we know it all, to maybe learn something new too.

Would you contribute yours? Once we have a few, I’ll compile it into one big list and who knows, maybe they’ll pin it here?

Only problem is, as soon as they pin it, conversation on this forum will probably drop to half of what it currently is :P (Yes that was cheeky, yes I should be ashamed of myself, no I am not.). Did I need to re-read these myself this morning? Yes, I did.

Articles I found helpful:

Even Gastric Bypass Patients hit weight-loss plateaus

Weight Loss Stall or Plateau

Weight Loss Stalls & Plateaus

Carmelita’s Denoument

Dr. Simpson’s 10 Commandments

Of Whooshes & Squishy Fat

A new look at weight loss plateaus

A predictable cycle of weight loss

Stalling at 10% of body weight loss

What are some of your favorite posts or articles on Stalls?

Home-Made Garam Masala Recipe

25 Aug


garam masala



Recipe adapted from my favorite Indian cookbook, Raghavan Iyer’s 660 Curries. If you love to cook and are willing to spend a little extra time to make sure everything is made fresh and authentically, this is the one to choose.

Best places to get all the spices are either whole foods, central market, or other stores that have spice bins, or an indian grocery store.

2 tbsp Coriander seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp whole black cloves
1/2 tsp cardomom seeds from green/white pods
2 dried bay leaves
3 dried red chiles or 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper or red chile flakes (the kind you put on pizza)
1 2-3 inch piece cinnamon


1.Put all ingredients into a clean coffee grinder and grind until it’s a coarse-fine powder. I use a this type of coffee grinder. Shake it about as it’s being ground so all the seeds and bits get under the blades.

2. When you’re finished, unplug the grinder, and turn it upside down. You want all the spice to collect into the lid so you can easily scoop it out without cutting yourself playing about around the blades.

3. Finished! Use in the palak paneer recipe I have posted as well as the chicken curry recipe.

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